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Roberts Research & Consulting, Inc. provides consultant, expert and expert witness services focused on the development, evaluation and application of light sources, lamp ballasts, LED drivers, luminaires, lighting controls, and associated intellectual property. Our clients include lamp, ballast and fixture companies ranging from startups to global corporations, energy technology information services, government agencies, legal firms and venture capital firms. These clients are located in the United States, Canada and Thailand.

Product development activities are focused on new energy efficient light sources and lighting systems for a variety of applications, including lighting systems for novel applications, such as light-activated biomedical processes.

Lighting technology evaluation activities include evaluation of lighting-related patents for novelty and technical accuracy, review of research & development proposals for new energy-efficient lighting systems presented to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the US Department of Energy, plus dissemination of information related to the operation, characteristics and use of the latest lighting technology via technical papers, handbooks and targeted invited presentations at conferences and private companies.

Litigation activities have included: lighting-related patent infringement; breach of contract; product performance; and product liability cases, including fires caused by metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, and fires ignited by tungsten halogen incandescent lamps. Dr. Roberts has testified as an expert witness in Federal Court, State Court, the United States International Trade Commission, and during arbitration. He has also served as a technical expert during mediation.

Dr. Victor Roberts has over 58 years' experience conducting research & development in electrical engineering, laser physics, plasma physics, discharge physics and related disciplines, including more than 51 years' experience conducting and managing research & development on high efficacy fluorescent, compact fluorescent and metal halide lamps, electrodeless induction-coupled fluorescent and metal halide lamps, capacitively- and cavity-coupled sulfur lamps, selective emitters for high efficacy incandescent lamps, electronic ballasts and drivers for conventional and electrodeless fluorescent and HID lamps, and electronic power supplies for LED light sources. Dr. Roberts holds 43 U.S. Patents and numerous foreign patents on advanced light sources and ballasts, plus one U.S. Patent on advanced appliance controls.


Updated September 13, 2023